Kurt Sauer represents clients in commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation and government agency litigation. He has practiced law in Austin, Texas for 33 years and tries cases throughout Texas in state courts, federal courts, bankruptcy courts and before Texas government agencies. Kurt’s trial experience, mediation training and business background provide a solid foundation for resolving cases in the courtroom or through negotiations.

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Practice Areas


Kurt’s practice focuses on representation of clients in business cases in state and federal trial courts, bankruptcy courts, and before many government administrative agencies. He works with general counsel and corporate officers, business owners, bankruptcy trustees, and individuals who find themselves in a courtroom business dispute. Kurt’s goal in these cases is to reach a good result in a timely manner – either at the negotiating table or in the courtroom.


Kurt has represented clients ranging from individuals to large, multi-national corporations in patent, trademark, and copyright infringement cases. He has worked to protect the original works of authors and musicians, defended company trademarks from competitors’ unfair use, and represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of technical areas in patent infringement cases.


Lawsuits filed by or against government agencies often involve additional rules and hurdles. These cases can involve a person’s state-issued license to practice their profession, whistleblower claims, civil rights violations, breach of contract claims, or damages arising from a wrongful conviction. Kurt has tried cases in all of these areas, in state and federal courts, and before a wide range of Texas state administrative agencies.


“I have known Kurt Sauer for over 25 years. In that time he has helped me resolve multiple legal issues ranging from a banking and partnership case to medical-legal issues to a copyright infringement matter. In every instance that Kurt represented me, he engineered a successful outcome in a timely and cost effective manner. It is not often that a physician speaks positively about an attorney, but I can state unconditionally that all of my experiences with Kurt have been positive and the outcomes achieved better than expected. I highly recommend Kurt Sauer as a counselor and an attorney.”

– Kenneth Lester Malamud, M.D.

“I have been awarded patents in many fields. I learned long ago that it is very difficult for a small company like mine to license its patents to large, international companies. Kurt and his team represented us in patent infringement cases against many of the largest semiconductor manufacturers and electronics retailers in the world. After years of lawsuits and fighting, we were able to license our patents to these companies for more than $30 million. I can tell you firsthand that Kurt did a very good job for us and put us on equal footing with the biggest companies in the business.”

– Osman Ersed Akcasu, Ph.D.

“Our family company first retained Kurt to represent us in a real estate case. We had developed a subdivision and then sold it to a buyer who agreed to repay the debt owing on the property. Unfortunately, the buyer defaulted on the debt and we found ourselves in a difficult situation. Kurt solved this problem by winning the case at trial and on appeal. Since then, we have consulted with Kurt on several matters. We value his advice and appreciate his honest opinion and hard work.”

– Gary Baker