Early, tactically smart investigation is critical. A sound action plan for resolution—either by out-of-court settlement or trial—is what our clients want and deserve. Families who have suffered loss from dangerous products, major trucking accidents, airplane or helicopter crashes, and industrial disasters need help understanding why the catastrophe happened, and what can be done about it.  We will keep you informed of the progress in your case as we fight for a fair and just resolution for you and your family.

Representative cases in which we have served as counsel:

  • Product liability claims for death and severe personal injuries arising from defective tires.
  • Prosecution of claim for traumatic arm amputation resulting from a crash caused by a tractor-trailer rig being driven too slowly on an interstate highway.
  • Lead counsel in jury trial under Texas Tort Claims Act for an incident that blinded a patient of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.
  • Prosecution of a mother’s wrongful death claim for the burning death of a child caused by the negligence of the mother’s ex-spouse.
  • Traumatic brain injury case against trucking company for a crash caused by an 18-wheeler driver’s unsafe lane change.
  • Lead counsel in jury trial for prosecution of product liability claims involving severe injuries from explosion of glass cookware caused by faulty manufacture and design.
  • Lead counsel in jury trial for an airline baggage handler who was seriously injured in a ground incident at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.
  • Prosecution of claims against a trucking company for severe injuries resulting from an axle that separated from a truck at highway speed and struck an oncoming motorist.
  • Lead counsel in jury trial in product warning case for an automobile owner burned by carburetor backfire.
  • Lead counsel in jury trial for the family of an aircraft mechanic killed because of negligence of a corporate airplane operator who failed to depressurize the airplane during ground operations, causing explosive opening of a cabin door.
  • Lead counsel in jury trial for a United States Border Patrol agent against a helicopter manufacturer and a component manufacturer, arising from a crash causing serious injuries to the agent and the death of the pilot.
  • Lead counsel in jury trial for a pilot who was seriously injured in an airplane crash caused by catastrophic engine failure.