“I cannot say enough good things about Mark Pierce. After the death of my little brother, I was happy to raise his minor children. I never dreamed the path we would travel. Not only did we get to know Mark and the entire staff, they got to know our family and mostly my little brother. They fought the greatest fight for my kids. They knew the aviation industry and left no stone unturned. Their courtroom strategy and manners are impressive. Thanks for your compassion and helping us through this time.” – Kathy Hagerman

Kathy Hagerman

“Mark Pierce went above and beyond to make sure that we not only got the best settlement, but made sure that we were aware, knowledgeable, and comfortable with all that went on before during and after the trial. They have the best staff “the A team” that anyone could ask for. They all worked hard together and still had compassion for us. They truly wanted the best for Ashley and Weston. They are the team you want in your fox hole. You want them to be your full court press. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and courtesy. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!” – Leon Hagerman

Leon Hagerman

“I can’t thank Mr. Pierce enough for all the hard work he and his staff have done for me. They kept me well informed through all the course of my lawsuit and at trial. I must admit I had one of the best teams representing me and got a very good settlement thanks to them. I would recommend them with out hesitating. I can call them my A team. Again I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me.” – Rene Leduc

Rene Leduc

“Mark Pierce is a gifted and talented attorney. I had the pleasure of working with him and his team on my case. He projects confidence and professionalism and, after meeting with him, I knew we found the best. I always knew he had my best interests at heart as well. This is the kind of guy you want in your corner.” – John Desch

John Desch

“If you have never been involved in a lawsuit get ready for a long up-hill fight, especially if you end up going to trial. That being said, I could not recommend Mark Pierce highly enough to help you through the process. Mark is a man with highly desirable qualities both as an individual and as a lawyer; he is intelligent, quick-witted, personable and most importantly honorable. Mark Pierce is a credit to his profession and if all lawyers had similar characteristics there wouldn’t be a single lawyer joke out there. I hired a lawyer and developed a friendship with an amazing man who won my case in front of a jury. Mark was incredible to watch in court and was completely squared-away in every aspect. Thank you again Mark.” – Steven Takacs

Steven Takacs

“I was very proud of my lawyer. I would go into court any time or place with Mark Pierce.” – Johnnie Ann Adkins

Johnnie Adkins